Extra Long Warm Grid Robe for Men


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Introducing the Extra Long Warm Grid Robe for Men, designed for those who value comfort and style in their loungewear. This elegant robe features a timeless grid pattern that adds a touch of sophistication to your relaxation time at home. The extra-long design ensures full coverage, providing warmth and comfort during cooler evenings or lazy weekend mornings.

The robe is equipped with spacious pockets, perfect for keeping essentials like your phone, remote, or glasses handy as you unwind. Additionally, the adjustable waist tie allows for a customizable fit, ensuring that the robe stays securely closed and adds an extra layer of coziness.

Ideal for lounging, this robe is not just functional but also exudes a sense of luxury and refinement. Whether you’re stepping out of a shower or settling in for a relaxing night, this robe turns every moment at home into a luxurious experience. Its classic design and superior comfort make it an excellent gift for any man who appreciates the finer things in life.

Size M: Body Weight: 88.2-132.3 lbs, Height: 59.1-63 inches
Size L: Body Weight: 110.2-154.3 lbs, Height: 63-66.9 inches
Size XL: Body Weight: 143.3-209.4 lbs, Height: 66.9-74 inches